Thursday, 18 April 2013

Blogoversary - One Year Old!

It’s my one-year Blogoversary!

When I began the blog I wasn’t really sure what to do with it; I just knew that I wanted my own little place on the internet. I quickly got into book reviews - inevitable really! I also wrote a few posts on films and games, and on bookish/writing matters, and then began to join in with a few memes. I found challenges and read-a-thons, which I love, and was overjoyed to discover the wonderful community of book bloggers and writers. I also began writing for other sites like Fantasy Faction (another great community!). Posting on the blog just got more and more fun, and I love my little corner of the internet.

So, now it’s Year 2, and I’ve got more plans ahead for the blog. I’m hopefully going to include more interviews, guest posts and other content. I want to do some more posts about writing, both my own and general advice, as well as thoughts about submitting, editing, etc. More rambly posts about general weirdness, genre matters, and things that interest me (look out for my thoughts on the Force coming soon – oh yes!), and, of course, plenty of book and game reviews!

Thank you to everyone who follows me, comments, chats about anything and everything on Twitter, who has contributed content, or written wonderful books, or just generally been awesome. You're all amazing!
To celebrate the Blogoversary I’ll be doing some posts focussing on my favourite things - books, authors, places, games, bookshelves, and general Vicky-stuff. Stop by Thurs to Thurs for the fun.


Aaaand, of course, I’m doing a Blogoversary giveaway! The winner can choose one paperback book from a choice of my ten favourite books reviewed over the last year (and my bonus all-round favourite book), which are... (click links below to see reviews)

Between Two Thorns, by Emma Newman
Geek Girl, by Holly Smale
Zoo City, by Lauren Beukes
The Other Half of the Sky, anthology edited by Athena Andreadis
Railsea, by China Mieville (paperback pre-order)
The Red Knight, by K. T. Davies
The Case of the Deadly Desperados, by Caroline Lawrence
(or a pre-order of the book two paperback: The Case of the Good Looking Corpse)
The Song of Achilles, by Madeline Miller
Warm Bodies, by Isaac Marion
Sharps, by K. J. Parker
 And one not reviewed on the blog, but certainly mentioned enough times! It’s a treasured favourite:
 Howl’s Moving Castle, by Diana Wynne Jones

Enter by filling out the rafflecopter form below. Open INT to any country as long as the Book Depository ships free to your country (check here). Good luck! :-)

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  1. Happy blogoversary hun! Have only recently discovered your blog but hope you stick around for a while :D

  2. happy blogoversary! i'm one year into a quixotic Dr Who review project...

    1. Thanks Steven! :-) Haha, that sounds... fun? O.O There are A LOT of Dr. Who books!

  3. these are the Big Finish audio plays - i'm trying to do them chronologically.... (i know, big mistake...) the books - oh dear, i'm considering that too....

  4. Happy blogoversary! =D *pops open some champagne*

  5. I feel honoured to have my book in such fine company. Thank you x

    1. Aww you're very welcome! It's a fantastic book. :-) Thanks for stopping by!