Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Between Two Thorns - Book Review and Cover Reveal

Between Two Thorns is a fantasy novel by Emma Newman, first in an exciting new series due out in 2013. The cover has now been revealed and it's gorgeous! This is from the same cover artist behind the fabulous covers for Cassandra Rose Clarke's books, beginning with The Assassin's Curse.

This cover is perfect, and really captures the feel of the book, which is amazing by the way! I've reviewed Between Two Thorns over at Fantasy Faction, and here's a short extract of my thoughts:

Magic is closer than any of us could imagine, hidden but powerful, existing parallel to our own world. Perhaps even in your own living room, only a thin veil away.

With a similar magical feeling to the world of Harry Potter or to books by Diana Wynne Jones, and a style reminiscent of Neil Gaiman, this book was not only enjoyable; it gave me a sense of delight like I haven’t found for a while in fantasy books written for adults.

Between Two Thorns is magical, exciting, and clever. It manages to conjure a world that feels completely natural but also mysterious, sometimes dangerous, sometimes funny, combining several different kinds of urban fantasy into one story, and capturing a lovely sense of modern Britishness that is reminiscent of other fantastic British fantasy...

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