Friday, 1 February 2013

The Pros and Cons of Being a Gaming Couple

Recently I’ve been noticing funny things that my husband and I do around each other because we’re both gamers. People will often say how cool it must be to have a significant other who’s also into games, and in truth, yeah it’s pretty awesome. Just like sharing any interest really. But it’s not all rainbows either.

And this started me thinking about the pros and cons of being a gaming couple:

Pro – Your partner knows not to walk in front of the TV or make sudden movements while you’re in a boss fight.

Well, anyone who plays games knows how important this one is! In fact, this has led to some pretty hilarious attempts on my behalf to ninja my way past the TV on route to the kitchen. Slithering across the carpet on my belly like a soldier, inching around the coffee table and avoiding snagging the internet cable... the things we do for love and achievement points.

Con – You have to share console time.

Unless you’re really lucky and have two consoles and two TVs, and happen to have two copies of the latest game that you both want to play at once... Yep, be prepared for some arguments over whose turn it is to play this time. You’ll also have to go into another room while they play if you don’t want to see spoilers for your own game (or if you don’t want to watch them flirting with Garrus/Tali).

 Garrus plushie found here

Having a gaming partner probably means less time on the game for you.

Pro – Shouting “NOT NOW I’M FIGHTING!” or “I’M IN A CUTSCENE!” or other variants will get you an “oh, sorry!” rather than a cushion thrown at your head.

Con – Any attempt to suggest that you have a higher claim to the game than the other person will result in more than a cushion flying at you.

Pro – Your partner is less likely to complain about the price of games and probably wants the latest one as much as you do.

Maybe enough to put off buying more cushions or getting a haircut or doing laundry for another month. Okay, not that last one. That’s just wrong.

Please note: if your partner is also a reader, NEVER try to suggest that they stop buying books. This is entering Dangerous Territory.

Con – PC Gaming is a lot harder when you are a couple with a shared income.

Good gaming desktops costs a lot of money. And unless you each have your own laptop as well, sharing one might not be the best idea (particularly if one of you is also a blogger/writer/addicted to social media...)

Pro – Your partner understands how important games are.

So you’re at that really intense bit and you have to keep playing. You can’t stop talking about how good the fighting controls are in this one game. You just want to talk to someone about that plot twist. All you want to do is stay in with a pizza and take turns on the game... Well, your gaming partner probably feels exactly the same way!

Con – You will get into some pretty epic fights over video games.

My bookish friends will know what I mean here. Fictional characters are real. Their stories matter; their lives matter. You might get into some hefty arguments over books – that character was so cool, no he was awful, how dare you, no how dare you?! etc. – but video game ones are likely to be a lot worse.

That’s because you’re not just reading about characters, you are one of the characters. And in RPGs, your choices affect the story. In some, you can even pick different sides. Woe betide you if your partner chooses to side with the templars and you’re supporting the mages. Be prepared for major cushion attacks if you betray their beloved character.

Imagine Harry Potter, but you could choose to play as Draco and in your game the dark side wins!

Pro – Your partner will bring you tea and treats while you play.

Okay, that one’s just wishful thinking, but I thought I’d slip it in there in case John is reading this. Hi honey! My mug is empty *waves mug*

 Image: edwardkimuk on Flickr

Pro – You get to share something you love with the person you love.

No cons could ever take away from that.

8 Bit Heart, by xQUATROx

What about you? Do you share an interest or hobby with your significant other/sibling/friend? What funny things do you find yourself doing? What do you love about it?


  1. Lol, I wish someone would fill my tea cup as well. Usually, I do most of the gaming. I don't like it much when my husband plays because he becomes obsessed. Whereas, I, um, have more control :p

    1. Yep, I am way more in control when I play games *shifty eyes*. I never, for example, rage at the TV or lean so far over when driving round bends that I fall off the sofa. And by 'never' I mean 'regularly'. xD But yes, tea refills would be amazing!

  2. I love this post. It's all so very true. I am a new follower of yours please follow me back at Thanks- SychoFaerie

    1. Hehe, glad others do these things too and it's not just us being weird! Thanks for the follow! LOVE your blog name :-)

  3. My girlfriend and I play (mostly PC RPGs) together, with one person controlling and the other one backseat-roleplaying - it works surprisingly well, we discuss our dialogue options and battle strategies and we have someone to cling to during the plot twists... it can sometimes be frustrating but it's pretty awesome too.

    1. Oops, can't believe I forgot to mention joint gaming and backseat gaming! Those can be really fun. :-) We did it with Dead Space, as that game was far too scary to play on my own! And things like Monkey Island are great with two heads to solve puzzles instead of one. Don't know if we could do it with heavily roleplay games though as we always seem to pick different sides! xD